Shelter Surf Tip #1 – Frontside Cutback

Shelter Surf Tip #1 – Frontside Cutback

Frontside Cutback //

The cutback is a linking maneuver between sections. If the wave goes fat, cutback! You are looking to drive out wide & high on the shoulder, set and hold a T-shape body position until you have carved around close enough to rebound off the foam (perform a backside re-entry). To set this position you 1. Bend at the knees & hips. 2. Lean away from the board. 3. Reach back towards the wave face. 4. Look over your shoulder. Cutback are highly technical and when performed well are considered critical & radical maneuvers.

Photo: @achilts

Surfer: Coach Shannon Brown

Shelter Staff & Team are coached by Shannon Brown every Thursday.